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What is computer in English

Computer can be defined simply as a machine which processes data. It’s one of the most essential inventions in human history because it has allowed us to communicate, work, and learn more easily.

What is computer in English?

  • 1- Computer is a device that you can use to access the internet.
  • 2- A computer usually has a keyboard, a monitor, and some other hardware. You use the keyboard to type in text or commands, and the monitor displays what you type.
  • 3- A computer can also have software built in, called an operating system (OS). The OS is what controls all the hardware and lets you do different things with your computer.
  • 4- Most computers allow you to store data on a hard drive. You can also use a computer to graphics or design files.
  • 5- Many people use computers to run programs that help them with their jobs. For example, lawyers often use computer programs to prepare cases.

If you are new to English, the word “computer” may not be familiar to you. In simple terms, a computer is a device that helps us make sense of and store information. Computers come in different shapes and sizes, but they all use a central processing unit (CPU) to carry out calculations. They can also include input/output devices, storage devices, and peripherals such as printers and scanners.

Computer means “a machine for manipulating data.” In the early days of computing, it was a cumbersome task to input numbers and letters into a calculator or typewriter. Computers changed all that by making it possible to store information on an electronic medium. The first computers used vacuum tube technology which reduced the size but increased the price of these machines.

Computer is an electronic device that helps us to communicate, store data, and compute. Originally, computers were designed for clerical work, but now they are used for a variety of tasks such as internet surfing, FaceTime calls, and spreadsheet creation.

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