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Track Your Lost Mobile on Sanchar Saathi Portal

Ever misplaced your phone somewhere and panicked that it was gone for good? Don’t worry, the government’s got your back.The Department of Telecommunications recently launched Sanchar Saathi portal to help people locate their lost or stolen mobile phones.

All you need to do is register your mobile number on the portal and enable location sharing. If your phone goes missing, just log on to, enter your registered number and the portal will show the last location of your device on a map.

The location is accurate up to 500 meters in urban areas so you’ll know exactly which area to search. Stop fretting over losing your expensive iPhone or Galaxy, Sanchar Saathi is here to find it for you in a jiffy. Pretty nifty, right? But remember, for the portal to locate your phone, you need to keep location sharing on. A small price to pay for the peace of mind.

How to Register a Complaint on Sanchar Saathi Portal

So your phone went missing. That sucks, but don’t worry – the Sanchar Saathi portal has got your back. Here’s how you can register a complaint and try to track down your lost mobile:

First, head to and click ‘File Complaint’. Enter your phone number to check if a complaint has already been filed. If not, click ‘Register New Complaint’ to start the process.

You’ll need to provide some details about your phone like the make, model, color and IMEI number. The IMEI number is unique to your phone and can help identify it. If you don’t have it, contact your carrier or check your phone box or bill.

Next, share when and where you last used your phone. Be as specific as possible about locations and times to aid the investigation. You should also enter any lock screen security details like a password, PIN or pattern.

Lastly, include contact information for yourself as well as an alternative contact. Review all details entered and submit your complaint. Your request will be processed and forwarded to the relevant telecom operator to track your device.

The portal aims to resolve complaints within 7 days. You’ll receive status updates via SMS or on the website. With some luck, the telecom operator may be able to trace and recover your phone. Fingers crossed! If not, at least you know you did your best to try and find your lost mobile.

Details Required to Lodge a Complaint on Sanchar Saathi Portal

To lodge a complaint about your lost or stolen mobile phone on the Sanchar Saathi portal, you’ll need to provide some important details.

First, you’ll need the IMEI number of your phone. This unique 15-digit number can be found by dialing
*#06# on your phone. Write it down and keep it in a safe place in case your phone ever goes missing.

Next, you’ll need to provide personal information like your name, address, email ID, and an alternate contact number. This allows the authorities to verify your identity and contact you if needed.

You should also report the make, model, color, and storage capacity of your device. Mention any distinguishing features like scratches, dents or personal data on the phone that could help identify it.

When and where you last used your phone is critical information. Provide dates, times and locations to help determine the area to search. Also report when you first noticed your phone was lost or stolen.

Finally, you’ll need to file a police report about the missing device. The report number is required when lodging a complaint on Sanchar Saathi. Filing a false police report is illegal, so only proceed if you have truly lost or had your phone stolen.

With all these details in hand, you can log onto Sanchar Saathi portal and lodge a complaint about your lost or stolen phone. The authorities will then investigate and work to recover your device so you can be reunited! Stay hopeful – with the right information, many lost phones are found and returned to their owners.

How Sanchar Saathi Portal Helps to Track Your Lost Mobile

The Sanchar Saathi portal allows you to register the details of your lost mobile phone so you have a better chance of recovering it. Here’s how the portal can help track your device:

Report Lost Mobile Details

To start, you’ll need to report details about your lost phone on the Sanchar Saathi portal. Provide info like your phone’s IMEI number, model name, color, and last location where you used it. The more specifics you can provide the better. Reporting these details will help the system identify your device.

Block SIM and IMEI

Once you’ve reported your phone missing, the portal will automatically block your phone’s SIM card and IMEI number to prevent unauthorized use. This makes your phone unusable to whoever finds it, increasing the chances of it being turned into the authorities or a phone recycling center.

Track Location

If your phone still has battery life and an active SIM, the portal may be able to trace its approximate location. As soon as your phone connects to a mobile network, the portal can determine which cell tower it’s connecting through. The portal will display the phone’s last known location on a map so you know the general area where it might be. Of course, the faster you report your phone missing, the more likely it is the battery will still be active so it can be located.

Recover Your Device

With the details you provide, blocking the SIM and IMEI, and possible location tracking, there’s a good probability your phone will be recovered. Once found, local authorities or the phone center that locates your device will get in touch with you to claim it. Make sure you have a police report or FIR in hand to help verify your ownership. Here’s hoping with the help of Sanchar Saathi portal, your lost phone finds its way back to you!

Process Followed by Sanchar Saathi Portal to Track Your Lost Phone

Once you have registered a complaint about your lost mobile phone on Sanchar Saathi portal, here is the process that will be followed to track your device:

Verification of Ownership

To ensure that the complaint has been filed by the legitimate owner of the mobile phone, Sanchar Saathi will verify the details provided by you like IMEI number, phone model, SIM numbers, etc. They may contact you to confirm some additional details.

Collect Information from Telecom Operators

After verifying the ownership, Sanchar Saathi portal will collect information from various telecom operators about the location and activities of your phone based on parameters like IMEI number, phone number, etc. The telecom operators are mandated by law to provide call data records, location details and other information to track lost mobile phones.

Analyze Information to Trace Location

The information collected from various sources is then analyzed using advanced tools and techniques to trace the approximate location of the lost mobile phone. The location is traced by tracking the signals emitted by your phone when it connects to cell towers or Wi-Fi networks. However, the accuracy of location depends on the availability of information.

Coordinate with Law Enforcement Agencies

Once the location of the lost phone has been traced up to a certain accuracy, Sanchar Saathi portal coordinates with the concerned law enforcement agencies like police to actually track down the phone. The police may visit the identified location to search and recover your lost mobile phone. They take action against the culprits found illegally using your phone.

Inform You About the Status

Throughout the process, Sanchar Saathi portal will keep you informed about the status of tracing and recovering your lost mobile phone through notifications, SMS, emails or by contacting you directly over phone. You should regularly check notifications from Sanchar Saathi portal regarding any updates on tracking your lost phone.

By following the systematic process, Sanchar Saathi portal and law enforcement agencies work hard to trace and recover your lost mobile phone. However, the success rate depends on the availability of information and resources. But you can expect a good chance of getting your phone back through Sanchar Saathi portal.

FAQs: All About Filing a Complaint on Sanchar Saathi Portal

Filing a complaint about your lost or stolen mobile phone on the Sanchar Saathi portal is pretty straightforward. Here are some frequently asked questions to help you through the process:

What information will I need to provide?

  • To register a complaint, you’ll need to provide some details about your device like:
  • Make, model number, and IMEI number of your mobile
  • Date when you last used your mobile
  • Location where you last used your mobile
  • Information about the SIM card in your mobile
  • Any other relevant details that could help trace your handset
  • How long will it take to track my device?

The time taken to trace a lost or stolen mobile phone can vary depending on the details provided in your complaint and availability of information from telecom operators. It may take 3 to 4 weeks in some cases. You will receive updates on your complaint via SMS and email.

What if my device is not traceable?

If after investigation, your device is not traceable due to unavailability of sufficient information, your complaint will be closed. You may file a new complaint with additional details if available. It is advisable to keep records of your device details for future reference.

Can I claim any compensation?

If your lost/stolen mobile phone is traced and recovered, you may be eligible for compensation under insurance or consumer court. The compensation amount will depend on the invoice value and physical condition of your device. You need to follow due process as guided for claiming compensation.

Any charges for filing a complaint?

No, registering a complaint on Sanchar Saathi portal to trace your lost/stolen mobile phone is completely free of cost.

Hope this helps clarify the FAQs regarding filing a complaint on the Sanchar Saathi portal. Let me know if you have any other questions!


So there you have it, a quick guide to track your lost or stolen mobile phone on the Sanchar Saathi portal. While tech innovations constantly improve our lives, they also introduce new ways for things to go wrong.

Losing a mobile phone can be stressful and upsetting, especially with how much of our lives are contained within those pocket-sized computers these days. But with tools like Sanchar Saathi, you have a way to potentially recover your device or at least disable it to protect your data and accounts.

Staying on top of activation locks, finding apps, and checking portals like Sanchar Saathi regularly can give you some peace of mind that if the worst does happen, you have options to resolve the situation as quickly and securely as possible.

Technology may get more advanced, but common sense practices like these will always be useful. Now go enable that activation lock and sleep a little easier tonight!

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