Software developed and maintained by samagra shiksha, education department, delhi

1. Use software to maintain a database of students and their academic records

2. Develop an online learning system for students

3. Develop an online course management system

4. Maintain an online student panel to survey and evaluate the performance of students

1. “Samagra Shiksha Education Departments Delhi has Developed a Customizable Software to Track and Trace the Progress of Students across Multiple Subjects”

2. “This Biometric System Tracked the Progress of Students Across Multiple Subjects and was Maintained by Samagra Shiksha Education Department Delhi”

3. “The Customizable Software Provided a Unified View of the overall Performance of each Student and Helped in Pedagogical Improvement”

4. “The Passage of Time Was Tracks within the System Automatically and Made It Easier for Teachers to Identify Patterns and Correct Errors”

5.SAMAGRA Shiksha, Education Department, Delhi develop and maintain comprehensive software for schools.

6.The software is designed to make the entire process of teaching much easier and efficient for teachers.

7.It incorporates features such as class registers, attendance records, record of assessment, student data base software etc which helps in keeping track of all the vital information related to the students.

8. In addition to this, the department has also developed a series of Teacher Training Programs to inculcate better teaching skills in educators.

9. All this has helped in making samagra shiksha the most relied on education department in the city.

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