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How to install windows 10 on desktop

1. Download Windows 10 ISO file

Windows 10 ISO file can be downloaded from Microsoft website. You need to download the latest version of Windows 10 (10240) file. Once the file is downloaded, open the folder where the file was saved and double-click on setup.exe file to start installation procedure.

2. Run Windows Setup

After opening the setup.exe file, click Next button to proceed with the installation. On the following screen select Install Now option. Then choose Customize option to change the settings according to your requirement.

3. Choose language & time zone

Next step is to choose your preferred language and time zone. Make sure that both options are selected before proceeding further.

4. Select keyboard layout

Now select Keyboard Layout option, then click Next button. Here you have two choices – English (United States) and English (International). Select the desired option and then press Next.

5. Set Up Account Options

On the following screen, you will find different account types including Administrator, Guest, Standard User, etc. Click on Add an Account option to add a user account. Type a username and password and then click OK.

6. Create A New PC

Finally, click on Create a PC option. Here you have three options – Create a basic system, Create a custom system, and Create a domain joined computer. Select any of these options depending upon your requirements.

7. Finish Installation

Once the installation completes successfully, you will get a message saying Welcome to Windows 10! To finish the installation, click on Finish button.

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