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How Shani’s Role Evolved From the Books to the Games

Shani is one of the supporting characters in the world The Witcher. She appears briefly in the book series, specifically in Enemy Blood a Lady of the Lake. However, it has a more involved role in the games.


In the first Witcher game, Shani plays a pivotal role in the game’s narrative, specifically with Alvin issues. Although she does not show up The Witcher 2The player may encounter them again at The Witcher 3’s Hearts of Stone DLC, where he helps Geralt on his mission involving the enigmatic Gaunter O’Dimm.


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Shani at The Witcher Books

Shani’s first appearance is in Andrzej Sapkowski’s book Enemy Blood. This is the first novel in The Witcher a series of books, following the two collections of short stories. In this book, Geralt has already established a family relationship with Ciri and is in the process of protecting her from the forces that follow her. This involves a mysterious wizard named Rience, who works under the command of another, more powerful mage inward The Witcher. Later in the book, he encounters Geralt, who only managed to track down the wizard with Shani’s help.

At events of Enemy Blood, Shani is a 17-year-old medical student studying at Oxenfurt Academy. Dand the Lion, with whom she is close friends, meets her after spitting with Rience. The troubadour then asks her to deliver a message to Geralt from The Witcher a book, which is hidden in Oxenfurt. Shani meets the Witcher and successfully relays the message, but before the two get close, Dandelion and Philippa Eilhart interrupt.

In the ensuing conversation, Geralt explains that he was in Oxenfurt because he was trying to find Rience, who had tortured the Toad in his quest to find Ciri. It just so happens that Shani knows exactly where he is. The medical student explains that she needs more money to pay for her training, so she has been stealing supplies from the academy and selling them to an individual called Myhrman. During one of her visits, she noticed that Myhrman was taking care of a guest she referred to as “Master Rience.” This eventually led to Geralt and the rest of the group clashing with the wizard.

Shani is not mentioned again until the book Lady of the Lake, where she works as a field doctor at the Battle of Brenna. Eventually he becomes Dean of the Department of Medicine at the beautiful Oxenfurt Academy The Witcher and live to a ripe old age of 90.

Shani in The Witcher

Before Shani’s death in the books, she makes multiple appearances in the game series. In the first Witcher Geralt can find Shani working as a doctor at St. Hospital. Lebioda in Vizima, and her expertise is invaluable, as she’s the only one the player can turn to for autopsies. In the research “Anatomy of Crime,” Shani helps the Witcher discover the identity of Azar Javed, one of The Witcher‘chief opponents.

Later, Geralt will also have to decide who to leave Alvin with. In The WitcherAlvin acts somewhat like a stand-in for Ciri from the original Witcher books. Like her, he is a Source, and Geralt takes it upon himself to care for the boy. In Chapter 3, the player is forced to choose a guardian for him, and this will affect Geralt’s relationship with both sides. Shani is treated as a legitimate romantic option rather than a passing fiance, as in the book series. She even expresses that she wants her, Geralt, and Alvin to be family.

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Shani in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Although Shani is not in The Witcher 2, there is a journal entry explaining her absence (assuming she was the player’s choice of romance in the previous game). He reveals that even though Shani is younger than Geralt, she is much more mature. So, she was tired of the Witcher’s inability to take relationships seriously. After Geralt routinely avoided his obligations to her, things broke away. The two then separated on good terms – Shani accepting an offer to teach at the University of Oxenfurt, and Geralt undertaking a trip to King Foltest, eventually ending with Triss Merigold again in Hot Witcher 2.

Although, finally, Shani returns in Hearts of Stone DLC from The Witcher 3. She has since completed her doctorate and opened a clinic in Oxenfurt. A Romanian army calls on her regularly for help, keeping her busy most of the time. During one mission, she accompanies a group of soldiers to the sewers to try to find a mysterious monster who has been living somewhere beneath the city. There, she stares at Geralt, who was hired to kill the same beast.

The two then meet again after the beast is killed, when Geralt embarks on a mission to show Vlodimir Von Everec the “time of his life”. Shani helps by telling the Witcher what she knows about the old Von Everec family, and even taking him into the family crypt. Later, in the last section of the expansion’s main inquiry, Shani refers Geralt to Professor Premethine Shakeslock, a specialist in black magic. By talking to him, Geralt can learn about a way to challenge Gaunter O’Dimm The Witcher. If not, though, O’Dimm wins.

If anything, this shows that even though he is not a powerful wizard, Shani has a lot to contribute to the story The Witcher. She’s a wise and intelligent doctor — no doubt because of her dedication to her craft. Furthermore, the game shows how much she has grown since being introduced as a young medical student Enemy Blood. Unlike Shani’s relatively minor role in the narrative The Witcher books, her character shining more in the games, leading to The Witcher 3where she shows exactly how much she has learned during her time at the academy and on the field.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt available now on PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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