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Top 7 Best Job in Dubai 2022

This industry requires someone who has a degree in Food Science, Best Job in Dubai Nutrition or Dietetics along with experience in managing restaurants,

Manager for Food & Beverage Industry

then this job is perfect for you! You should be able to manage people, organize operations, motivate employees and use analytical skills to evaluate business performance. In addition, if you have knowledge of nutrition, dietetics, or food science, then you will be qualified for this position.

Restaurant manager

If you love working with people, cooking food, and planning menus, then being a restaurant manager sounds like an ideal career choice for you. A restaurant manager oversees everything that happens at his or her restaurant, including hiring staff, preparing food, overseeing kitchen operations, and maintaining client satisfaction. These managers need to be organized, confident, flexible, detail oriented, and possess strong communication skills. They are responsible for keeping their restaurant clean and tidy, handling complaints, and supervising staff members. They must know how to interact with clients and customers.


Chef’s work involves preparing food while following recipes, taking orders, serving customers, and cleaning up after himself or herself. Chefs make sure ingredients are fresh, prepared properly, and cooked according to instructions. They also taste test food before serving dishes to ensure they meet standards. A chef must be organized, detail oriented, patient, creative, and have good time management skills. In the kitchen, chefs handle knives safely, understand sanitation principles, and follow safety precautions.

Sales associate – Hotel / Resort

A hotel sales associate would help guests choose among different types of rooms and packages offered by hoteliers. He or she would assist them in making reservations, answer questions about different options, and provide general information about the hotel. Sales associates need to have excellent interpersonal skills, be well educated, friendly, knowledgeable, and patient.

Front Desk Clerk

Front desk clerks work behind reception desks where they take phone calls and greet clients. They check in or out guests, issue keys, direct guests to particular rooms, and generally act as concierges. Front desk clerks need to be reliable, trustworthy, polite, helpful, and attentive to guest needs.

Housekeeping supervisor

Housekeepers perform various cleaning tasks inside a building, such as mopping floors, washing windows, and vacuuming. They also polish furniture, maintain housewares, and empty trash bins. Housekeepers need to be neat and tidy, have a keen eye for details, be friendly, organized, and able to prioritize tasks.

Food and beverage assistant

Food and beverage assistants work in hospitality industries in order to prepare, serve, and clean tables, counters, and equipment. They work closely with the kitchen staff and waiters in order to keep plates full, cups filled, and glasses clean. They also stock supplies, set up table settings, and carry trays to and from customers. Assistant jobs require good attention to detail, great organizational skills, and a knack for multitasking.

Manager at a fast food place
A manager at a fast food place works closely with restaurant owners, chefs, managers, and front-of-the house staff to ensure that everything runs smoothly. A typical day could involve greeting customers, taking orders, cooking food, cleaning tables, stocking shelves, running cash register, maintaining equipment, and performing stock checks. In addition to those responsibilities, they may also have some oversight over other employees. Managers earn anywhere from $65K to $95K per year.

Chef at a fine dining establishment

Bartender at a bar or lounge
Bartenders serve alcohol to diners at restaurants and bars. Many bartenders mix drinks and pour them out of special pitchers for customers. Bartenders may also assist servers and clean up spills and glasses. The job can be physically demanding, especially if the establishment serves sports fans who want their favorite team’s beer and snacks kept cold. Bartenders are eligible for tips from customers and therefore typically make less than waitresses. After taxes and tips, bartenders usually take home about $25K per year.

Waitresses and waiters provide table service to guests in eateries and lounges. These positions require patience, good communication skills, and attention to detail. Waitresses typically wear aprons and caps and stay busy serving drinks, appetizers, desserts, and checking coats or wiping down tables. Waiters often wear tuxedos or black suits and carry trays filled with wine bottles or water glasses. Both jobs sometimes require working late hours. Waitress and waiter salaries start at around $17K annually.

Cooks prepare the ingredients that go into a dish before it goes onto a customer’s plate. Cooking can be a physical job, especially if they must stand while working. But cooks also have some flexibility in terms of where they choose to work, since many kitchens allow them to cook in the morning or afternoon. To become a professional cook, candidates should expect to graduate high school and attend culinary school.

Dining Room Attendant
Dining room attendants help diners find their seats in restaurants. They greet customers, direct them to booths, and seat them. Sometimes, they will pass along menus or suggest beverages. To qualify for a server position, applicants typically need a four-year college degree. Because dining room attendants do not interact with clients face-to-face, they typically earn lower wages than waitstaff, waiters, and bartenders. Restaurant workers make about $18K per year after taxes.

Housekeeping Staff
Housekeepers keep hotel rooms looking fresh and tidy by washing linens, vacuuming carpets, and mopping floors. As a member of the hotel’s maintenance crew, housekeepers also repair appliances. While housekeeping jobs don’t require much education, candidates typically benefit from previous experience in hospitality. Hotel management students can get training while still studying hospitality courses at community colleges. Entry level housekeepers typically make $10K to $14K per year.

Human Resources (HR)

Operations Manager
An operations manager (also known as production manager) manages the day-to-day activities of his/her organization. He/she oversees the planning and scheduling of tasks for different departments; he/she may also supervise daily activities and may give instructions to workers.

Security Officer
A security officer is responsible for preventing or detecting crimes in the workplace. He/she would be involved in surveillance and monitoring of premises. If necessary, the security officer would call police.

Marketing Manager
Marketing managers plan marketing campaigns, develop strategies and implement them. The purpose of marketing is to increase sales and profits by communicating information about products and services to customers.

Financial Controller

IT Consultant
The role of an IT consultant is to ensure that information technology systems in use are functioning correctly. He/she monitors existing computer software and hardware. In addition, they keep track of data backup procedures and provide advice on how to improve efficiency.

Business Analyst
Business analyst works closely with clients to understand their business requirements and translate those into technical specifications. Their primary objective is to document the client’s business processes and make recommendations for improvements.

Construction Worker
Construction workers are responsible for building roads, bridges, buildings, dams, and many other structures. A construction worker must have a high level of skill and knowledge about how to build different types of structures.

Most construction workers work long hours under extreme conditions, and they may work in a hot or cold environment depending on what type of job they’re working on. In addition to physical labor, construction workers need to be able to use their hands and eyes to perform various tasks. If you want to become a construction worker,

you should enroll at a vocational school to learn about the trade. You may start out in a factory or warehouse where you’ll help load trucks or unload goods onto pallets. After learning basic skills, you might move on to a carpentry or masonry shop where you’ll work on woodworking projects and brick laying. You could even end up doing demolition work to remove old materials before starting a new project.

Chefs prepare food using a variety of ingredients and cooking techniques. Chefs create menus that meet the tastes and preferences of customers. Many chefs specialize in certain foods like seafood, meat, and vegetables. If you love preparing delicious meals, then becoming a chef might be perfect for you. You’ll need to complete culinary training programs in order to obtain a degree as a chef. Once you graduate from culinary school, you can get hired by restaurants or businesses to cook for clients. You can also open your own restaurant if you choose to do so.

A pharmacist is someone who specializes in medication and the effects it has on people’s bodies. A pharmacist prepares medications and dispenses them to patients based on doctors’ orders. He or she monitors the side effects of prescribed drugs and ensures that each patient receives only the correct dosage of medicine.

Pharmacists often spend time in pharmacy schools studying science and anatomy and pharmacology. They must pass exams given by the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP) and the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP). Pharmacists may work for hospitals, retail pharmacies, or pharmaceutical companies.

Software Engineer
Software engineers develop computer applications. Applications range from games to business management systems. To become a software engineer, you’ll first need to earn a bachelor’s degree in computer science or engineering. Next, you’ll likely complete additional coursework in programming languages and operating systems. Finally, you’ll receive practical experience by interning in a company. At the end of the internship program, you’ll gain full-time employment in a software company.

Physical Therapist

Dentists repair teeth, gums, and jaws. They check patients’ mouths for cavities, decay, and gum disease. Dentists clean teeth, apply fillings and crowns, and remove wisdom teeth. They may recommend cosmetic procedures like veneers and whitening toothpastes. Doctors who wish to become dentists should earn medical degrees and complete four years of dental school. Upon graduation, they must sit for the national certification exam administered by the American Board of Oral Medicine and Oral Surgery.

Teachers play a critical role in our society. Children look to teachers for guidance and education. Teachers influence students’ lives while preparing them for future careers. Teachers teach children subjects such as reading, math, social studies, language arts, science, art, music, and gym. Many teachers work in elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, colleges/universities, or technical institutes.

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